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Three Rivers Delegates go to Houston for USATF Annual Meeting


HOUSTON –The Association sent a group of 8 representatives to serve as the Three Rivers delegation for the 37th Annual Meeting of USA Track & Field (USATF). The 4-day event attracts volunteers from all over the country and elite athletes with the goal to grow the sport. The delegates included –Linda Phelps, Cindy Long, Bruce Long, Chuck Davis, Oronde Sharif, Latonya Salley-Sharif, Mark Schwartz and Joe Sarver. Each of these individuals were responsible for gathering information specific to their committees within the Association. They also attend dozens of other meeting ranging from coaching education and sports medicine & science to championship management and law & legislation. Delegates may also vote on important by-law and rule changes, determine Championship locations and select staff for world staff.

USATF President/Chairman, Stephanie Hightower and CEO Max Siegel address all attendees at the General Opening session to provide a review on the past years activities and goals for the future. A recap can be found in the State of the Sport document.

It is by no surprise that youth athletics is a large topic of discussion at this event. Youth members represents close to 80% of total USATF membership. As such, many youth organizations convene to talk strategy and determine how they might best work together to attract more athletes to the sport.  The National Senate of HS Track Coaches Association shared statistics on population versus track & field participation to identify areas of improvement.

There are several ancillary, educational workshops and awards banquets that recognize all contributing members to the sport- athletes, officials and volunteers. Two TRA members took home awards:

  • Lisa Lucas – Outstanding Female Long Distance Runner of the Year (45-49)
  • Joyce Norris of Greensburg YMCA – Three Rivers Volunteer of the Year

Sunday December 6th, marked the close of the Annual Meeting with the entire body approving several bylaw changes and new rules. A recap on accomplished business can be found here.