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New and Familiar Faces Make Up TRA Committees


PITTSBURGH – On Sunday, September 13th TRA ushered in the next phase of leadership.  Held at the Association’s Annual Meeting in odd years, the election of officers was perhaps the most anticipated agenda topic of the day. Elected officers will serve two-year terms beginning November 1st.  President Frank Rodenbaugh, VP of Finance Linda Phelps and Treasurer Noel Webb all retained their positions.  Each has been in these roles since the 2009 elections.  Other familiar faces include Bruce Long as Officials Certification chair, Mark Schwartz as Open/Masters Track & Field Chair and Joe Sarver as Open/Masters Long Distance Running Chair.

Chuck Davis is the newly elected Youth Chair, but no stranger to this committee. He has been 1st chair on the committee for the last two years and active in TRA youth athletics as the single coach for River City Elite Track Club.

The executive board added Bill Phelps as an at-large member and Caleb Muller and Angel Williamson- Wheat were selected as the new faces for active athletes.

TRA is excited for the next two years and looks forward to combining old and new leadership to bring in fresh ideas and improve the Association.

Complete Election Results below:

President – Frank Rodenbaugh

VP L&L – Robert Williams

VP Finance – Linda Phelps

Secretary – Latonya Salley-Sharif

Treasurer – Noel Webb

Officials Certification – Bruce Long

Youth Chair – Chuck Davis

T&F – Mark Schwartz

LDR – Joe Sarver


At Large –

John Knabb

Lowell Wetzel

Brenda Ansell

Bill Phelps

Athletes –

Caleb Muller

Angel Williamson-Wheat

Oronde Sharif

Brian Brown

Youth Committee-

Chair – Chuck Davis

1st Chair – Oronde Sharif

2nd Chair – Robert Williams

3rd Chair – Latonya Salley-Sharif

Secretary – Becci Carter

Treasurer – Nicole Logan